I am interested in representing the country in its whole form, decontestualized from every natural and suggestive element
I extract and redraw it in an almost cartesian way, returning the imagine in a conceptual way. I place this country-object in an empty-white, but keeping the point of view from which it has been taken. The timbre red follows then the abstraction and the concept, where the thought and the representation are more important than the object itself. The rarefaction of the emotional content, in favour of a lucid observation of the country, is opposed to landscape art based on emotional views of lights and colours.
Sometimes it’s only fragments of a village or small units, equally significant as a larger reality.
To me they are as villages fallen from the sky in their existential complexity
They are photographes by me and painted on canvas with acrylic colours.
The format of the canvas and the “layout” help to define the representative figure.