Maurizio Duranti was born in Florence in 1949 and lives in Milan, then in Genoa, then in Milan again.
He attends to art high school in Genoa, he graduates in architecture in 1976 and he opens his workshop up to 1987, when he moves to Milan.
Since 1970 he begins to deal with programmed art and exhibits his work in several galleries in Genoa, one of which in Terrazza Martini organized by Gianfranco Bruno, who was at that time director of Accademia Ligustica di Belle Arti and skilful art critic.
After graduation he deals with architecture, but most of all wit industrial design, designing products for many companies in every sector of the home.
He receives international awards, 10 times the GOOD DESIGN AWARD of Chicago and a report of honor from the Milan Compasso d’Oro
Many of his items are present in the collections of museums:
Atheneum of Chicago, Bunkamura Design Collection in Tokio, Neue Samlung Museum in Monaco (Germany), Museum of Applied Art in Gent (Belgium) and the Victoria and Albert Museum in London
He designs exhibition for showroom, shops and show and he is often published on national and foreigner press.
He teaches at IED in Milan from 1983 untill 1989, he also holds a workshop in Domus Accademy in 2007 and for other two years in Brera Design.
Dealing with his work, other and several articles published on the national and international press, have been published the monographs: “Maurizio Duranti Avventure Progettuali” Daniele Baroni, Agepe 1991 and also “Maurizio Duranti Disegni e Design” D. Baroni, l’Archivolto, 1993.
In 2017 he decides to deal with art again, after his last exhibition in Genova in 1983 on the topic of PAESI (Countries) presented at that time from the art critic Germano Beringheli
The topic of PAESI always interests him and he considers it a current theme in his conceptual interpretation and in the artistic performance.
He elaborates different works on canvas which will be exhibited in Varese in the Gallery DUETART ( in March 2018
At present he lives and works in Appiano Gentile (CO) from 2012